Chrono website checkout page
Task: to make sure customers get their watches faster.

Chrono online store has a great website. Now it also has a convenient checkout page for quick order placement.

By default, the page offers collection from the nearest pickup location, making the entire order ready to be finalized.

chrono checkout pickup

It means that to finalize an order it’s enough to go to the checkout page and leave your contact details.

Of course, if the pre-selected payment and delivery methods are not suitable, customers can choose the appropriate ones.

chrono checkout delivery

Clear benefits. The page visually shows all the discounts, bonuses, loyalty programs and sometimes even promo codes that affect the final price.

chrono checkout black card

No password needed. To access the loyalty program and order history, customers simply enter their phone number and get a one-time password.

chrono checkout code

Those who prefer not to share their phone number can enter their email address instead and get a letter with a button. Just click the button to be taken to your personal account page. No passwords needed.

chrono checkout phone


+20 %

Numbers speak volumes about the effectiveness of the new design.

After launching the new checkout experience, conversion rose from forty to sixty percent.

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project manager

Made in 69 days
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