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    The making of the Citymobil advertising campaign

    • Process

    Piling up the first ideas and showing to the art director.

    Art director: The roof light is horrible, the pattern makes the phone number barely visible. The sides of the roof light are OK. As for the rear window sticker: the picture is gibberish, the text is rude.


    Art director: The fares information should look cool, right it is poor and piecemeal. Remove the braces. The top has no relation to the bottom, neither in shape nor in color.

    Art director: Fares: I’m still not impressed. Roof light: go with the first one, show it to Burbaev. Sticker: that’s not their style at all.

    Art director: The fares are better now, the third version of the roof light is closer to what it should be.

    Art director: The first design for fares is OK. The second roof light is OK. The rear window number 1 is the most promising.

    Art director: Number 2 is OK.

    Art director: Just go with a logo on the bottom steps on the sides.

    Coming up with ideas for the advertising campaign.

    Art director: We’ll be working on these ones.

    Developing, preparing a presentation.

    The client chooses the zipper.

    Thinking about the slogan. Deciding to go with “The city is open” as the primary slogan and create a few supplementary ones that would expand the message. Like, “The best views of the city open up from a taxicab window.”

    Scaling the concept, checking it out on various media.

    The client asks not to put the zipper on taxicabs. Making a separate attempt to generate ideas for the cars. The taxicabs will have information on all the interesting places that are worth visiting.

    Finalizing the window stickers.

    The art director asks to change the text.

    Preparing the roof light.

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