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    The making of the Citymobil logo and corporate identity

    Overview   Process  

    Creating a concept combining a city motif with traditional taxi checkers.

    The word “city” in the name of the company implies a major role of taxi in the urban landscape.

    Deciding to keep using the checkers as people all over the world use them to recognize taxicabs, just like they do with airport or pharmacy icons.

    Suggesting to slightly change the name. Familiar words “electromobile” and “automobile” open up the road for “citymobile,” a car specifically designed for moving around the city. “Citymobile” is easier to remember, imagine and say.

    Current spelling

    Proposed name

    The logo combines two elements, checkers and an urban landscape made of various buildings that cast volumetric shadows. Each city has its own look, trying to find distinguishing features of the buildings.

    The new logo is more flexible. The symbol can be used without the text, while the pattern can be easily transformed into a drawing, an app icon or used in merchandise. The continuity will be maintained by using the same color scheme and a specific shape of the letter C.

    Comparing to competitor logos.

    Presenting to the client.

    After the client meeting starting to work on the details of building silhouettes, deciding to abandon shadows.

    Client: The top left house resembles an Armenian church, it needs to go or be replaced with something else. The Westminster Palace tower also needs to be replaced with something more Russian.

    Working on the silhouettes again.

    Starting to draw gadget icons.

    Trying to incorporate a driver and taxi checkers into the driver app icon.

    Checking out how the logo would look in real life.

    Showing the latest versions of the logo to the client.

    Client: You need to expel the Satan from the houses.

    Designer: Well, I guess. Maybe next time.

    Finalizing the corporate identity, creating taxicab appearance, typesetting the brand book. Done!

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