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Brazil single-origin coffee

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to produce a new coffee variety.

Brazil single-origin coffee is a naturally processed 100% Arabica. Espresso-roasted Brazil beans work great in home espresso machines, while the light roasted ground version is perfect for brewing in cezve, Chemex or French press. Coffee made with Brazil beans has a bright flavor of milk chocolate with nut filling and an aftertaste of sunflower seeds. The taste has notes of strong tea and lemongrass.

brazil 2016 1kg
Natural espresso-roasted coffee beans

Produced in 1 kg (2,2 lbs) or 150 gram (0,33 lbs) packages of ground coffee or beans.

brazil 2016 150g2
Light roasted coffee beans

brazil 2016 150g ground
Light roasted ground coffee

Single-origin Arabica opens up nicely when brewed using a stove-top method, French press or Chemex. A cup of coffee prepared one of these ways delivers crispier flavor and brighter aroma, while preserving more caffeine in your drink.

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