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    Brazil single-origin coffee

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    to produce single-origin coffees.

    Coffee made with Brazil beans has flavors of peanut butter and marigold. The taste has notes of dark chocolate, hazelnuts and cacao. The aftertaste is dense.

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    250 grams in a pack

    Single-origin Arabica opens up nicely when brewed using a stove-top method, French press or Chemex. A cup of coffee prepared one of these ways delivers crispier flavor and brighter aroma, while preserving more caffeine in your drink.

    About Brazil Passeio variety

    The Passeio plantation is located in the south of Minas Gerais state in Sul de Minas, Brazil’s most famous coffee region. It is a family farm where the beans are gathered manually and are left to rest for two months in wooden silos before being processed, packed and shipped.

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