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Ethiopia single-origin coffee

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to produce a new coffee variety.

The light roasted Ethiopia single-origin coffee flourishes when brewed using alternative methods such as cezve, Chemex or French press which makes it well-suited for use at home. The taste has hints of nuts and citrus while the flavor reveals notes of bitter chocolate.

ephiopia 2016 150g
Light roasted coffee beans

Ethiopia, a 100% Arabica, is produced in 150 gram (0,33 lbs) packages of ground coffee or beans.

ephiopia 2016 150g ground
Light roasted ground coffee

Single-origin Arabica opens up nicely when brewed using a stove-top method, French press or Chemex. A cup of coffee prepared one of these ways delivers crispier flavor and brighter aroma, while preserving more caffeine in your drink.

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