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Effektivnost.rf is a digital solutions platform created as part of the Labor Productivity national project. It helps companies consistently implement modern technologies an thereby improve their efficiency. A website designed in the studio introduces the platform and explains the subtleties of the digitalization process.

Platform overview

The home page introduces visitors to all the features of the platform, provides access to the main sections and answers the key question: how to digitalize an enterprise?

Those who want to know right away what digitalization is and what are its stages of implementation, can make use of quick links to useful articles with real case studies.

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Cards describe each product individually and illustrate the digitalization process as a whole.

Breakdown by industry

A special section talks about the benefits a business gets from implementing digital products depending on its area.

Products for digitalization

Company owners can make use of diagnostic tools for finding weaknesses and potential growth points that help choose the best solution for each specific case. New products can be easily added to the pages using a unified template.

Potential users can recognize themselves and their problems in specific descriptions.

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The created set of icons allows to support pages of existing products.

Brightly colored buttons encourage to start working with the platform as soon as possible.

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Attracting partners

Effektivnost.rf is the perfect place for developers of digital solutions to promote and distribute their products. Using special promo pages, suppliers can begin participating in the project in just one click.

Feedback from platform users who have already started their digitalization process serves as additional motivator for both suppliers and customers.

Digitalization news

The latest news on the topic is collected in the press center. The section guides the user step by step to the right material, becoming another point of attraction for specialists.

News articles are conveniently divided by categories and accompanied by illustrations and clear infographics.

We have also created

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for those already in the process of digitalization

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