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Effektivnost.rf personal account page

The Effektivnost.rf platform was created to facilitate digital transformation of companies and is intended for their owners and employees. To make the process as painless as possible, we have designed a stunning personal account page for the system.

Start: diagnostics and benchmarking

During the first stage, weaknesses and strengths of the business are identified according to twelve key indicators within the industry and in the broader market. Based on this, development areas are selected.

Thanks to a clear visualization, the user immediately understands where and how they are behind the competition.

Solution selection

The system proposes specific products that are needed for solving different digital transformation challenges.

Informative cards suggest what exactly needs to be transformed and how.

A more detailed breakdown is provided in a convenient summary table.

ctp 7 table

Implementation control

At the finish line, there is a clear view of the stages, deadlines and scope of work. Instead of discouraging, the well thought-out logic of the interface suggests that digitalization is not difficult at all.

An extremely simple Gantt chart keeps things from getting confusing.

ctp 9 gant


To ensure all ideas end up being implemented, there is a set of additional information, such as knowledge bases and lectures. The breezy design attracts attention and makes you want to take the time to go through all the resources.

ctp 10 knowledge_cards

Users can ask questions in the chat or schedule an appointment with an expert to tackle more serious problems.

ctp 11 expert ctp 11 chat

As a result, each individual service on the platform presents the user with their own super cool printable report which is perfect for presenting to the upper management or as an action guide.

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