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Drive Electro truck liveries

Task: to make electric vehicles recognizable.

Drive Electro introduces cities to electric buses and helps businesses switch to electric vehicles. To attract new customers, versatile and memorable truck liveries were created in the studio.

drive electro 3

The core element of the design and the battery pack marker is a green diagonal stripe that rhymes with the stroke of the logo and the style of headlines on the company’s website.

Visually, an electric truck is virtually indistinguishable from its diesel counterparts, so the green stripe that goes across the entire body is used to proclaim its electric nature loud and proud.

Additional stripes add to the feeling of swiftness and are used as stickers explaining main features of the vehicle.

The design can be adapted to the customer’s corporate colors.

Depending on the agreements, there are different levels of integration of the partner’s identity into the basic design: from a logo in the corner to the full-body design with a background mentioning the vehicle type. The block can be applied in any convenient way above other elements making it easier to find a suitable location for the message.

Drive Electro
Drive Electro

Even if the body is completely covered by the partner’s graphics, the electric nature of the vehicle is indicated by the branded stripe on the battery pack case.

drive electro 9

This bright stroke on dark graphite background looks serious and memorable, can be easily applied and is visible in any weather.

drive electro 10

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Made in 38 days
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