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Moletta electric river vessel for Venice

There are practically no cars or buses in Venice: everyone walks or travels using water transportation. A dense network of routes served by motorboats, steamboats and ferries covers the entire city and neighboring islands.

The Moletta electric river vessel inspired by vaporetto, the classic Venetian waterbus, was designed in the studio with full recognition of the local culture.

moletta 01

Since Moletta is public transport, there is vast space near the entrance that makes movement of thousands of tourists with bags and suitcases much more comfortable. Life jackets are mounted here in the most prominent place—on the ceiling—and life vests are located in the cabin under the seats.

moletta 02

Telescoping railing saves considerable space. Charging takes place at the pier using special ports.

moletta 03

Information boards on the exterior, multimedia panels inside the boarding terminal and audio notifications leave no chance for passengers to lose their way.

moletta 04

The captain does not have rearview mirrors, but instead has a variety of cameras with sensors and 360-degree screens.

moletta 05

The modern and high-tech Moletta does not contend the timeless beauty of Venice’s architecture and canals and seamlessly integrates into its water network.

moletta 06

The studio will be happy to license boat designs to shipyards and transportation companies to bring them to life.

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