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Drive Electro is Russia’s leading designer of electric vehicles. The company is switching people from puffing diesel vehicles to electric buses and businesses to electric trucks.

Task: to design a website.

Drive Electro doesn’t resell ready-made solutions but instead designs all kinds of electric equipment and organizes electric transportation systems at the level of cities and large businesses. The tasks that the company knows how to solve are presented on the main page.

The visual language is formed by catchy stickers. They are “attached” everywhere where it’s necessary to communicate the benefits of equipment or of working with the company, and add emotion to communication with visitors.

Complex concepts and facts are illustrated with plain graphs and pictures.

The process of introducing electric buses to city routes is shown on a beautiful timeline.

Instead of piling up terms and calculations, the website relies on lively illustrations that are a joy to look at.

The stickers make benefits of the products obvious without even reading the text.

The interface seamlessly adapts to different screen sizes. The website looks equally well on computer and mobile phone screens.

A variety of fascinating pages help calculate the benefits, dispel doubts about retraining staff and electric vehicle maintenance, find a convenient implementation option and apply to transform your city or company.

drive electro pages

The website is friendly, convenient and helpful, just like electric transport itself!

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