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Crystal electric river vessel for London

The English have been developing a public transportation system on the Thames (which, by the way, is masculine in English) since the 17th century. 400 years later, in the 21st century, its boat fleet is augmented by the Crystal electric vessel designed in the studio.

crystal 02

The many seats include places for the disabled, while the aft seats can be occupied by those wanting to admire the city’s beauty in the open air. In addition to the large windows along the hull, glass panels take up part of the ceiling, guaranteeing the coolest view of all the main sights.

crystal 04
crystal 07
crystal final

Also inside are a vending machine, toilets and bike racks, media panels, luggage racks, air conditioning and adaptive lighting.

crystal 03

Around the outer perimeter are CCTV cameras, sensors, information boards and battery packs with vessel charging ports. The telescoping fence at the entrance retracts into the sides during embarking and disembarking, taking up no space.

crystal 05
crystal 06

The exterior references the main national symbols: the roof structure resembles the flag of Great Britain and the color scheme corresponds to the flag of England.

crystal 01

The studio will be happy to license boat designs to shipyards and transportation companies to bring them to life.

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