National Projects of Russia website news page 2.0

Task: to show news in a timely fashion.
Assembled and populated by the client.

The National Projects of Russia website is a guide to projects that improve people’s lives and contribute to the development of the country.

The pace of events that are happening required making changes, and a redesign of the news page of the website was done by the studio.

The modern style of presenting information means vibrancy, excitement and grabbing attention right on the main page. Which is why the page now has a new structure and new captivating content formats whose diversity makes the page incredibly addictive.

Each section looks unique because it was designed for a specific format.

The internal pages are just as spectacular as the sections. The “islands” on the right provide useful links in context.

np news longread

Key sections: Exclusive Coverage, In Focus, Surveys and Tests, stand out and look bright.

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np 2
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The website looks great on smartphones and tablets.

News play a very prominent and important role on the National Projects website, which is why an entire custom set of design elements was created for the page.

np ui
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