Logo Pattern

Galitskiy and Galitskiy winery pattern

Task: to create a branded pattern in three colors.

The Galitskiy and Galitskiy project has appeared on the wine map of Russia in the fall of 2016. Today, the winery produces eighteen types of still wines. In addition to the previously created logo of the company, a calm and solid pattern was designed in the studio. Looking it at, one can immediately see a bird’s-eye view of vineyards.

The pattern looks great on a variety of media.

gng pattern tie

A special simplified version of the pattern was created for smaller scales. It also exists in three color versions: gold, silver and black, and in special cases can also be used on large formats.

gng pattern bottle

When it is necessary to make the media look different while maintaining the overall style, the ornament can be scaled. The result looks quite spectacular.

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project manager

Made in 46 days
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