Residence hall interiors of the Alabuga Polytechnic educational center

The Alabuga Special Economic Zone in Tatarstan is home to about thirty different industrial enterprises. It also has its own educational center, the Alabuga Polytechnic, where over ten thousand young people are trained every year to end up being hired by companies and factories from other regions.

Residence hall interiors for such an important place were designed in the studio. The unique feature of the residence hall is that it is constructed from ready-to-live cells, so all solutions were specifically chosen to ensure that furniture and finishes survive the building assembly process.

The typology of the residential cells and their graphic design reflect the idea of continuous growth of a specialist from the first year to the last.

alabuga polytech rooms

The modular system allows to modify the floor plan.

The rigid metal frame extends the service life of the furniture, which is especially important in a student residence hall. Doors of cabinets and drawers are also made of metal to complement the industrial look and create an unobtrusive contrast with wood.

alabuga polytech room anim

The breakdown of the pods by floors corresponds to the students’ years of study: freshmen live on the first floor while seniors live at the top.

First, eight students live in a room with the most modest furnishings.

alabuga polytech room

During the second year, it’s four persons to a room. Everyone gets some personal space.

A third-year student shares only the bathroom and kitchen with a roommate.

A year later, an entire studio apartment is at a senior’s disposal.

Patterns form part of the wayfinding system and continue the idea of constant development, stretching throughout the stairwell.

alabuga polytech stairs 01

alabuga polytech stairs 02

alabuga polytech pattern 02

alabuga polytech pattern walls

They also contain icons that refer to academic fields.

alabuga polytech icons
alabuga polytech pattern 01
alabuga polytech 506
alabuga polytech 11

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