Packaging for Khlebozavod No. 1

Khlebozavod No. 1 is one of the oldest enterprises in Khabarovsk, established on the basis of the military bakery of the Red Banner Amur Military Flotilla. For many years it supplied the entire city with rye brad, baking close to 25 tons of products every day.

Today the company is being transformed and is gradually turning into a trendy fashionable space with stores and cafés, but the bakery is still there, and we designed cute bread packaging for it.

Smooth hand-drawn lines contrast with the brutalist logo and give the feeling of home, just like the warm, delicious bread itself.

Батон Батон фон
Батон Батон фон
Батон Батон фон
Батон Батон фон
Батон Батон фон

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