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Intranetus combines a messenger, a tool for setting and assigning tasks, and stores all project information in one place

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Simplicity without frills

Intranetus does not require lengthy training or complex integration and enables to use a minimal set of tools to solve the maximum number of tasks

Team communication and collaboration

Intranetus allows to discuss tasks with the team, attach files and collect notes and ideas from all participants

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Organized work

No more switching between messenger apps and task trackers: Intranetus helps coordinate team activities and allows to manage any work process

Notes and ideas are always at hand

Intranetus is a space for open teamwork where everyone contributes suggestions, shares ideas and promptly receives feedback. The Brain helps store and organize all project information, from notes to quarterly reports

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Everything under control

Intranetus gathers all your tasks from different projects and shows them on one screen

Creating tasks and saving ideas on the fly

Intranetus allows to create tasks and capture ideas directly in the chat, speeding up the work process

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