Interior Intranet

Leroy Merlin corporate portal

Task: to design an intranet.

People who work in small companies have it easy: need to ask a colleague something? Simply get up, walk to a room next door and get your information. Or borrow a stapler. Or invite them for coffee over lunch.

But what about employees of large corporations? You’re in Lyubertsy and your coworker is in Novosibirsk or in Kemerovo. And you desperately need sales data from them before the deadline next morning. Calling Siberia isn’t all that easy, but connecting over intranet works perfectly. But the intranet has to be simple and easy to use. Just like the one created by the studio for Leroy Merlin.

As soon as a new hire gets their login and password for the corporate network and opens up the main page, they see widgets with the most useful information. Cards of different shapes tell about new communities on the intranet, who sold the most products this month and when is the next training session. Cards have different design and layout so users can understand what they’re about even before reading them. A survey has a bubble-shaped background, a birthday photo is in a picture frame and job openings are on an “endless” resume. It’s all clear!

One of the most important widgets for every manager is sales statistics. It’s interesting to follow and helps compare your sales numbers with that of others. And the best part, all of it is not in a horrible mishmash of spreadsheets and numbers, but rather on clean graphs. Just choose who to compete against and off you go, orange versus purple.

foreground 1 foreground 2 foreground 3

Main corporate events are covered in the news feed: it’s important for employees to know the sales volume in their store for the last month, what ingenious idea was proposed by Igor from a neighboring department and who was that red cat that came over for a visit in the afternoon. Any registered user of the intranet can leave a comment.

Those who wish to read only serious official news can use filters to choose posts by format. The special selection methods make it impossible to miss interesting updates.

leroy merlin feed
The button pins the post to the top of the page
The red lightning marks popular posts
Message actions become available on mouse hover
Improvement ideas are marked with a green frame to help them stand out
Clicking a news piece opens it up in a full-width pop-up window

In addition to the widget, the main page has the “quick access” block. It contains links to intranet pages the user visits most often. They can also add links to any page of the portal, there’s enough icons for all of them.

The layout of the personal page can be adjusted by the user: they can hide the news feed as well as add, rearrange or disable widgets.

Users can exchange messages in the traditional format of a dialog. Participants of such conversations can send each other texts, images or links. Personal settings allow to disable notifications for incoming messages or delete entire dialogs at once.

When a search query is entered, all sections of the huge portal are searched. Nothing, however, prevents users from narrowing the search scope if they know what they are looking for. Search limits can be set with the help of special switches.

Since many employees access the portal from their mobile devices, we made sure the website looks great on small screens, too.

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Made in 70 days
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