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When working on any kind of project, team members often have to use messenger apps: to report bugs, demonstrate mock-ups or discuss the work plan for the next week. However, the list of current and closed tasks is usually stored on a separate server. Task trackers rarely offer chat functionality, while messengers do not allow to capture tasks and deadlines.

Intranetus is the ideal platform for team communication. It has a chat messenger, a tool for setting and assigning tasks, as well as voice and video calls with screen sharing.


Chat is used for work discussions since corresponding over email takes a lot of time and is hardly ever convenient. New tasks can be assigned directly in the chat window.


After a task is created, you can attach any file to it and instantly see its contents. Created tasks can be ordered by any parameter, for example by priority.


All valuable ideas of team members are gathered in the Brain. Freeing up your brain by writing a post in the system is much better than endlessly carrying the brilliant idea in your head.


Each chat offers the ability to immediately start a conference call with the team and, if necessary, to share your screen. The number of participants in a call is not limited.

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The project workflow is accompanied by 3D splash screens where every member of the team will easily see themselves.

Coming soon to iOS and Android.

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