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Task: to develop a logo for a government skyscraper in Moscow City.

IQ Quarter is an ambitious infrastructure project that will bring 5,000 employees of three ministries of the Russian Federation (the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Industry and Trade) and four federal agencies (Rosstandart, Rosaccreditation, Rosimushchestvo and Rostourism) and several other major agencies under one roof of the 41-story building in Moscow City.

Instead of sending documents to sixteen different addresses, you can take them directly to their destination which is one elevator ride away. Interaction between offices is accelerated, costs of office rent and maintenance are lowered and decisions are made faster: the benefits of the project are obvious.

The logo includes an image of the tower itself (as well as an obvious hint of statehood). The triangle is a symbol of triunity of power. The complex has a triangular cross-section and is occupied by three ministries.

The shape of the logo alludes to both a skyscraper and a coat of arms, while the prominently written name suggests the innovative nature of the complex.


The logo decorates lobbies, documents, passes, electronic line tickets and other attributes of the organizations. It serves as a visual representation of an elegant, beautiful and orderly government structure and instills a sense of pride in employees: “Yes, I work in IQ Quarter.”

The structure of the logo allows to render it using widely different materials using a variety of technologies such as embossing and laser engraving.

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IQ Quarter is both beautiful and fundamental.

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