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Dobrodel research and positioning

In Moscow Oblast, any pressing problems such as the state of public utilities and roads, poor architectural solutions and unauthorized dumps, are solved with the help of Dobrodel. Having started as a book of complaints and suggestions, today it is turning into a full-fledged tool for organizing everyday life. People don’t just receive services, they suggest changes and vote on them, making life better.

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We conducted a study for Dobrodel, learning about the problems and opinions of its users. In general, the service is well known, and the interest in it is only growing. In addition, an analysis of media space showed that Dobrodel is associated with hope and is seen as a helper who cares.

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Based on the research, we have shaped the positioning of Dobrodel. It is a proactive volunteer that helps solve the pressing issues of the residents of Moscow Oblast.

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Brand communication is caring, considerate, sensitive, respectful, cheerful and proactive, while the main color is green, which is synonymous with nature, sustainability and youth.

  • Solve issues as quickly as possible. Technology at the service of man.
  • Feel the creative power of caring and the joy of doing good.
  • You show respect for your loved ones, your home and your surroundings. And that’s why you deserve just as much respect.

Accessible — always on hand
Mobile — resolving issues in one click
Useful — guaranteed solution for every issue
Easy — simple interface usable by everyone, from a child to a grandma
Open — transparent communication and friendly tone
Comprehensive — all services in one app
Safe — guaranteed control and protection of personal data
Comprehensive — all services in one app
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