Zelenoe Podmoskovye audit program logo


The Zelenoe Podmoskovye porgram is a project of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Moscow Oblast, through which companies receive recognition for their commitment to ecology. We designed the recognition signs that are applied to doors as stickers, as well as the logo of the program.

zelenoe podmoskovye door

At the core of the logo is a variety of symbols: the tree leaf—nature, the water drop—life; the shield—protection, the heart—love for the world around us, and finally, the map pin—an indication of a place. The logo is concise and simple, just like love for nature itself.

There are a total of nine nominations, each with its own color that complements the basic green. The stickers also contain the year of the award and a QR code that leads to the overall rating and more detailed information about the contribution of each particular company towards care for the environment.

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Made in 9 days
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