Beeline website 2.0

Task: to increase website conversion by making it more user-friendly.

Over the four years of its existence, the design of the Beeline website hasn’t changed much, although new blocks and functions were added, becoming more and more cramped in the old shell. The website also didn’t have a mobile version, which had a detrimental effect on sales.

The new website is comfortable and caring, has a modern design and is flexible and easy to support. And yet it remains recognizable and friendly.

beeline main heart

Comfortable and caring

Comparing plans and searching for services is now easier than ever. The new catalog has concise product cards and very little advertising. The very first lines of the product page make it clear whether the plan will work for you, with further information available below.

The refresh was instantly beneficial: conversion has grown both on the desktop and mobile.

Connecting home TV and Internet has also become easier. On the new website most steps have been taken online and all processes have been streamlined making Beeline even more accessible.

A new convenient section for payments and money transfers has been added. The mobile account is used as an electronic wallet: Beeline clients can use it to pay for the Internet and utilities, top up accounts of favorite phone service providers, pay for purchases, transfer money to bank cards and even withdraw cash from ATMs.

Bright and lively

Features of the new style include spacious blocks, large typography, beautiful photo and video levels, interactive elements and animations. All of them make the website easier to use and more convenient. There is no visual noise or overload, nothing to distract you from making a conscious choice.

Interactive levels draw attention to products, explain their main benefits and guide to making a purchase.

The price of a virtual reality set can only be seen through VR goggles

Anything goes on Beeline’s main page
With 4G, cat videos load faster

The new formats work both in advertising and on product landing pages. They talk about benefits and help convey meaning through metaphors.

An interesting story about the truly free TV and Internet

Flexible and easy to support

The new design is fully adaptive: it looks great with any amount of content and on any screen. The block structure of the website and the blocks themselves can be easily transformed to suit different conditions and devices.

The detailed design kit will help the website team work by the same rules and adhere to common styles, saving a lot of time.

beeline all gidelines

Recognizable and friendly

Despite of all the innovations, the website has kept its unique face and character: even from a distance, any page can be recognized as having the distinct Beeline style.

Branded emoji decorate any texts and set the mood.

  • From Beeline:


head of the digital product design department

  • Maksim Dolgov

head of the digital product development department

  • Artem Duz


  • Vladimir Padalko
  • Andrey Arkadiev

interface designers

  • Aleksandr Savchenko
  • Stanislav Savenkov

front-end lead

  • Leonid Frolov


  • Igor Belyaev
  • Daniil Nazarov
  • Ivan Shchedrin
  • Evgeny Soloviev

project managers

  • Yuri Semenchuk
  • Dmitry Rusov
  • Daria Bugaeva
  • Yulia Truskavina
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