Klinskoe Fan Festival cups

Task: to design cups for a big soccer event.

The Fan Festival is a big and loud celebration that takes place during the World Cup in cities that host the matches. The festival brings together everyone who couldn’t make it to the stadium but still wants to watch teams play and take part in the loud event: visitors can watch the games on big screens, listen to the music of famous musicians, buy souvenirs and of course enjoy great food and drinks. All juice, pop and beer at the festival is served in special Klinskoe cups designed at the studio.

A special character was drawn for each of the 11 participating cities, each representing a famous symbol of the city. It just so happens that a soccer team also counts 11 players, so together the characters form the festival team. Their uniforms are red and white with the Russian flag on socks (or sometimes tail covers).


The main Moscow cup features the Bear. He is the biggest of all, so he protects the goal. He is also the team’s captain because he doubles as the symbol of the country. Besides, he also reminds of the Russian Premier League logo designed at the studio.


Sochi is represented by the Dolphin. This one’s pretty obvious: the sea, wet backs with fins, beauty!

Saint Petersburg

The Saint Petersburg player descended from one of the city’s picturesque bridges or façades (plus, there is no better metaphor for the city’s soccer than a lion).


The crowned Kazan Dragon is a symbol of might, wisdom and sophistication. The Dragon is the most prominent player in the team.


Kaliningrad means cold sea, Prussian architecture and wet seagulls. The city is represented by the Baltic Seagull (who can also be seen in bronze on the lighthouse in the city’s Fishing Village).


The player from Yekaterinburg is the Sable from the city’s coat of arms, only cute and fluffy.


The Crayfish is the unofficial but tasty symbol of Rostov-on-Don (plus, it’s mentioned in the local soccer chant).

Nizhny Novgorod

The symbol of Nizhny Novgorod is the elegant noble Deer.


The city is famous for its fish, which is why it’s represented by the Sturgeon. Besides, Volgograd’s coat of arms has historically featured sturgeons or sterlets.


The Red Fox is the old and everlasting symbol of Saransk.


The gracious Goat from Samara instantly became one of the championship’s favorites.

Goat Vanya from the Samara Zoo playing the role of the goat from the city’s coat of arms

Fans from the four organizing cities—Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi—will have the rare opportunity to get a branded cup.

artistic director

  • Artemy Lebedev

art director and illustrator

  • Egor Zhgun


  • Yana Moskalyuk


  • Andrey Ushnurtsev
  • Irina Zolotareva

project manager

  • Alla Bryuzgina
Made in 30 days
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