Kuban Kredit website mock-ups

Task: to create a recognizable website for a bank.
assembled and populated by the client

Kuban Kredit is the most popular bank in Russia’s Krasnodar Krai, Adygea and Rostov Oblast. The bank offers all kinds of loans, a large selection of deposits, a range of services for retirees as well as banking for business. A most beautiful and functional website for the bank was created at the studio.


The Kuban Kredit website doesn’t look like a typical bank’s website: instead of happy people who have just been approved for a loan, visitors are greeted with the bank’s signature polygon flower with a heap of themed items piled on top of it. The flower is first of all, beautiful, secondly, honestly demonstrates the dreams and wishes of the bank’s clients and thirdly, serves as a distinctive feature that allows to instantly recognize the website from any page.

Each of the bank’s products has received it’s own color. Services for individuals are colored in bright emotional shades (major financial decisions are always exciting). Pages for business are rendered in calm, neutral colors.

Sets of themed pictures are different for each product. Keys to dream apartments and homes represent mortgages, cars, air tickets and comfortable sun beds illustrate personal loans, while safes and locks depict deposits. The detailed images are asking to be viewed closer.


All useful information has been carefully worked out, structured and laid out. The most important points are shown in large type, significant details are marked with subtitles. As a result, comparing data is easy, whether it is mortgage offers, currency exchange rates, precious metal prices, facts about the bank or the nearest branches and ATMs.

kuban ipoteka
kuban about

The section on valuable coins will please collectors from around the world. The coins rotate on mouse hover demonstrating the obverse and reverse to the viewer. Tags and filters help quickly find the right coin, whether it is by topic, origin or material.

kuban coins
kuban coin
Individual coin pages contain detailed descriptions, names of authors and technical information

The website is adapted for mobile devices, making exploring it on a smartphone just as easy and pleasant as on a big screen.

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