Museum of Holes and Patches logo

Task: to create a logo for a museum.

There is an unusual museum in the village of Kiryanovo in Myshkinsky district of Yaroslavskaya Oblast: it is dedicated not to something that exists and should be preserved but rather to something that does not exist: holes and patches that cover those holes.

A logo for the Museum of Holes and Patches was created at the studio. The logo depicts the main exhibit of the museum, a hole that is also a patch.

mdiz 01

In the museum, holes are explored from all angles, not just physically but also from the point of view of medicine, science, technology, philosophy, economics, sociology, etc.

mdiz 02

The counterform can contain any image.

mdiz 03

The logo can be easily transformed: the square hole can turn into an endless wide or narrow strip with a fringe.

mdiz 04

These strips can be used to quickly and beautifully decorate all kinds of museum artifacts: tickets, posters, brochures and so on.

mdiz 05

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