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    The making of Moscow Metro map postcard

    Overview   Process  

    Checking if the map would crowd a postcard real estate of 130×180 mm (5.1″ by 7.1″), making sure the station names are legible.

    For this format a grid with coordinates is an overkill. Getting rid of it gains extra room, which in turn allows an enlargement of the map.

    Laying out the “basement” of our postcard—as in the lower part of the page—and fitting the legend in the most efficient way.

    At some point we decide to switch to a postcard of even smaller size, this time 104×147 mm (4.1″ by 5.8″) is all we have.

    Shrinking the map slightly to accommodate the new borders. Zooming in on the station names to make them visible to a naked eye.

    Playing our last card by designing the back side.

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