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The Moscow Metro map in digital format is free for private or commercial use as long as the following line is included with the image: © Art. Lebedev Studio. The files can be used in posters, tee shirts, calendars, banners and billboards; printed in magazines, brochures and books; used in software, websites and any other applications under the condition mentioned above.

Current version:
2.1.2 January 14, 2015

Entirely refreshed for 2015
The map is available in Russian, Russian-English and English-Russian versions
Kotelniki station added
Stations under construction due to open soon added.
Moscow Metro logo and legend added
Text size increased

197 stations
Version history:
2.0.5 December 8, 2014 Troparyovo station added

196 stations
2.0.4 October 24, 2014 Ulitsa Podbelskogo station renamed to Bulvar Rokossovskogo

195 stations
2.0.3 October 8, 2014 Spartak station added

195 stations
2.0.2 March 1, 2014 Bitsevsky Park and Lesoparkovaya stations added

194 stations
2.0.1 February 11, 2014

Lermontovsky Prospekt, Julebino, Delovoy Tsentr staions added
Park Pobedy station is now a transfer station
Text density increased
Studio copyright updated
Map version and creation date added

192 stations
2.0 June 5, 2013 First digital version of the map 188 stations

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