New Children's Polyclinic Under the Moscow Standard+ presentation book

Task: to create a presentation that you would want to keep.

Starting 2019, Moscow polyclinics have new standards of work. The presentation book introduces these standards in a clear and friendly way.

mp moscow standard 01

The book is terribly friendly (just like the standards themselves). Cute illustrations show how new work principles are being implemented. The texts are also simple and clear.

The book has a lot of pop-up inserts with doctors, grannies, robots and other things from the world of healthcare. There is also a special augmented reality app!

mp moscow standard 03
Pop-up book and its flat version

The book is also available in a flat version that was given to the visitors of the Forum of Social Innovation.

mp moscow standard 02

All pop-up inserts open up according to a scenario. In one case they reveal an entire hospital, in another—a walking robot, and in the end they make up a huge roadmap of the development of children’s polyclinics.

To make the book completely irreplaceable, we also added various useful information about health. For example, a check-up schedule explains what needs to be done at what age.

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