My Polyclinic exterior design

Task: to design the exterior of polyclinics.

For thirty years, Veniamin Polikarpovich also looked at the same polyclinic, even at two: one in Tekstilshchiki where he lived, and another one near Prechistenka. He looked at them every day because he walked past them on his way to work, but rarely entered because he had no time and screw it, nothing good would come of it anyway. But in March 2019 something changed in his life, too. Because one morning he saw...

The heart

The façade was decorated by a huge letter M surrounded by a stethoscope. Veniamin Polikarpovich noticed the heart-like symbol from a distance. It was beautiful (the recognizable logo is placed on all tall buildings of city polyclinics).

My Polyclinic logo on the façade

During the day, the symbol rhymes with the blue sky. At night, it emits an alien glow against the dark sky.

mp exterior cronshtain
Bracket panels

As you approach the building, the big heart disappears from your field of view: to see it again, you need to tilt your head. That’s why the entrance to the polyclinic is marked by the logo mounted on a bracket panel. These panels are installed at a low height and can be easily seen from the sidewalk.

The premises

There is a welcoming stele at the entrance to the polyclinic grounds. It fulfills a number of useful functions. First, it clearly marks the entrance. Second, it shows the directions to the entrance doors and the car park. Third, it has the opening hours. Veniamin Polikarpovich learned that the polyclinic is open until eight on week days and almost the entire day on weekends so finding time to see a doctor turned out to be quite possible.

exterior mp image 03
Welcoming stele

Overall, the polyclinic grounds became friendlier and more welcoming. The Department of Health is concerned about the details. For example, now there are bicycle parking racks as many Moscow residents gladly take their bikes when they go see a doctor. The racks are colored in signature colors or remain plain metal (recommendations on the design are given in a special guide).

moya poliklinika exterior bicycle rack new
Turqouise bike racks


The entrance to the polyclinic is now marked with beautiful signs that follow the Moscow Design Code.

mp exterior slide bg 01
mp exterior slide people 01
mp exterior slide people 02
A modern building

On historic buildings the letters are attached directly to the façade. This is done to make sure the sign does not obstruct the historic architecture.

mp exterior slide bg 02
mp exterior slide people 03
mp exterior slide people 04
A historic building

The name of the polyclinic and the opening times are written on transparent plates or attached directly to the entrance door windows. Again, this is done to preserve the appearance of the façade and have all the important information instantly available. Everything is written in large typeface so that even Veniamin Polikarpovich can see the hours without his glasses.

Opening hours

The doors are now transparent or have windows. This helps visitors not bump into each other when they enter or exit the polyclinic as they can easily see through the glass if someone’s coming. Some of the polyclinics are even equipped with automatic doors.

Door handles are especially long, making it easier for people of different heights to open and close them and lowering the risk of spreading infection.

(All information about doors is given in the guide along with advice on painting walls, installing trash containers and so on.)

Tips qualified Client 1
Updated doors

Another improvement are warm and dry areas for child strollers near entrances so that moms with little children are not afraid of going to the polyclinic when it rains, snows or freezes. Not that anyone is going to be afraid now, of course.

mp exterior kolyas
  • The studio wishes to thank the team of the Moscow Department of Health and personally Marina Davydova for their assistance with the project
Made in 38 days
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