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The smoke of Myata is enveloping more and more cities. To help the company consolidate its status as the largest chain in Russia and the CIS, as well as to attract new partners and guests, we designed an impressive website.

Pages are formed from blocks, and each block solves its own task. The logo is used to build a lively pattern which further develops the identity.

Different formats—classic lounge, restaurant, bar and cyber sports club—are highlighted with signature colors.

The map created specifically for the website introduces the geography of the company. In just a few clicks and with the help of easy to use filters users can find a place to their liking in their city. The map reveals an entire waterfall of establishments, reinforcing the great scale of the chain.

Smooth pattern animation perfectly complements the website making it more atmospheric.

The franchise terms, as well as advantages of working with Myata are presented in the form of an informative and graphic long read.

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technical designers

Made in 179 days
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