Just a Good Shampoo and Just a Good Shower Gel

Task: to launch a collab with Organic Kitchen.

A shampoo that just washes your hair and a shower gel that just washes your body were created in the studio together with Organic Kitchen.

organic kitchen

Shower gel Shampoo

Finally it’s all clear and simple, there is no need to scratch your head any more! The shampoo gently but efficiently cleans the scalp and is perfect for everyday use. And the shower gel gives you a feeling of freshness, just like it’s supposed to.

organic kitchen shampoo 01

Convenient packaging makes it easy to take the products on a trip or to the gym.

organic kitchen shampoo 02

The semicircle on the package demonstrates the order of application. First the shampoo for the top, then the shower gel for the bottom. Common sense is the best ingredient in any product.

organic kitchen shelf

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