Transnistria logo

Task: to design a logo.

Transnistria is a small country situated between Ukraine and Moldova. It has stunningly beautiful nature: blooming fields, picturesque forests and lakes, and the famous Dniester River. Transnistria has a variety of tourist attractions: vineyards, ancient villages and fortresses, temples and monasteries.

Now Transnistria has its own incredible tourist logo.

The logo combines the main symbols of the region: wine, Bender Fortress, fields and meadows, black caviar and the Dniester River. The river elegantly brings all the images together into a single composition.

There is also a Soviet star in the logo (you can also see it on the flag of the country).

pridnestrovie pic 01

The logo attracts tourists and revives interest in the region.

pridnestrovie pic 02 pridnestrovie pic 03 pridnestrovie pic 04 pridnestrovie pic 05 pridnestrovie pic 06 pridnestrovie pic 07 pridnestrovie pic 08 pridnestrovie pic 09 pridnestrovie pic 10

The 3D version of the logo is simply beautiful.

pridnestrovie pic 11 pridnestrovie pic 12

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Made in 22 days
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