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Primakov School website

Task: to develop a website for a school.

Primakov School is all about high educational standards. The school relies on advanced Russian and foreign methodologies and students are taught in both Russian and English from the very first day. A bright and unusual website for the school was created at the studio.

The horizontally scrolled main page shows the exterior of the school. This effect is rarely used on websites and extra rarely on school websites making the page memorable. The architecture of the building is interesting and beautiful and the horizontally scrolled page allows to see it in full detail.

The overview page contains photos of all of the school’s instructors making it easy to find all of your child’s teachers or the headmaster.

The school consists of preschool, primary school, middle school and high school and each stage has its own cute icons.

primakov site icons 01
primakov site icons 02
Primary school
primakov site icons 03
Middle school
primakov site icons 04
High school

primakov site kids pictures

The supplementary education page contains information about all clubs and activities offered by the school. The variety is mind blowing! Robotics, synchronized swimming, Taekwondo!

—Can parents join, too?

The school has a system of houses (almost like in the Harry Potter series). Starting with grade five, all students choose from House North, South, West or East and begin competing with other houses. All achievements are rewarded with points that contribute to the overall placement of their house.

Each house has its own page with the current number of points.

Famous and successful people often visit the school to talk to students and participate in the 100 Questions to the Leader project.

primakov site guests

The website adapts to any device.

Large 360-degree photos allow to explore the school’s premises. The studio’s photographer came to the school and took pictures of all rooms, halls and labs to create incredibly beautiful panoramas.

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  • The studio wishes to thank Konstantin Biryukov for his help with the project
Made in 194 days
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