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PUD stores logo

Task: to create a delicious corporate identity.

PUD is a Crimean chain of retail grocery stores. PUD’s logo literally represents the joy of shopping.

The logo is assembled from elements of foods: the red circle is a tomato, the smile is a banana and the blue triangle is a pack of yogurt.

pud logo

The typeface used in the logo has a unique and memorable geometry. Corners of the letters are smoothed to match the symbol.

pud shirt

The brand’s graphic style is supplemented with a graphite background which makes the logo appear clear and contrasting. Graphite is used as the main color in the design of paraphernalia: on personnel uniforms, bags, shopping baskets, etc.

Gradient transitions give a light and pleasant volume to shapes and make colors more interesting.

pud basket
pud bag
pud sign

The chosen colors are bright, harmonious, appealing and friendly.

pud car

The brand’s pattern looks great on different materials.

pud shopper
pud city


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