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PUD stores interior and exterior design

Task: to create a design for grocery stores.

PUD is a Crimean chain of local grocery stores. The interior of the stores is bright but cozy. Bright accents draw attention to various sections and convey the joy of shopping.

pud store entrance

Recommendations for zoning and finishing materials were created in order to make all stores equally comfortable and beautiful.

pud store plan

The reserved design of racks and coolers does not distract customers from what’s important: exploring the range of products and finding their way around the store.

pud store cheese

Section signs rhyme with wall appearance while remaining unobtrusive but noticeable.

pud store sign 01
pud store sign 02
pud store sign 03

The pleasant ornament on entrance doors adds festivity and emphasizes glass panels which can be difficult to see when it’s dark outside.

pud store pattern

The main attraction in each interior is the striking sign with its friendly and delicious identity.

Ready-made solutions for façades help make each store recognizable and stunningly beautiful!

pud store final

art director

chief architect



Made in 70 days
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