The making of the R-Bank mobile application logo

Overview• Process

We start by drawing sketches, trying to get a feel for the task.

Taking the first letter of the bank’s name and diving deep into vector search.

The letter Р combines well with the ruble symbol.

The art director chooses the gamepad design and asks to develop it further keeping the mobile application in mind.

We get the idea to replace the letter Р with a different letter or an Emoji in the application.

Ruble family games can also work as metaphors.

Presenting the idea to the client. The client approves the concept but asks for a lighter version of the logo. Starting a deep makeover.

The client approves the design with the white background. Defining primary composition principles.

Making adjustments to the ruble sign with the help of the type designer.

The logo is done. But we also need to create design for debit cards for adults and children.

A great opportunity to test the new logo in real life. Generating ideas.

The art director chooses the designs with the lines and asks to work on two directions, optical illusions and contours.

Art director: Better, but needs a bit more meaning.

The client likes the result but asks us not to stop trying and play with details some more.

Trying to use transparent plastic.

Playing with transparency gets us really excited. An idea of colored polka dots comes up.

The client approves the polka dots. Thinking about the silhouettes and coming up with the idea of paired cards.

Together with the client deciding to order test production of all the designs that we liked. Later, running them by both adults and children will reveal the best design. Looking at technological specifications of debit cards.

Preparing all designs for printing.

Receiving the first samples. The client takes time to test the designs on bank employees and their children.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the simplest design with filled silhouettes wins.

Asking the illustrator to work on the silhouettes of items for universal targeted savings.

Inserting the illustrations into the cards and coordinating the production.

The cards with the new logo are ready.