The making of the R-Bank mobile application design

OverviewProcess I• Process II

Defining the exact functionality of the second version. Creating a draft structure of new sections to understand how new functions are going to interact with existing ones. The second version of the app will add spending limits, savings targets, tasks and a couple other pleasant little things.

rbank mobile process2 1

Starting to rework each section. First come the targets.

Creating all elements of the system. The most difficult part is the new target wizard. It has to motivate to save money and automatically calculate the daily contribution.

Going through several options. Making them more complex, more simple, adding a calculator, a pig, removing both. Some logic, some happiness—and here it is!

rbank mobile process2 2_1
rbank mobile process2 2_2

Coming to a realization that new functions added chaos to notifications, settings and money transfers. Going back to the sections of the first version. Systematizing all notifications and cleaning up their appearance. Adding new settings. Updating operation filters. Adding mock-ups for remote approval of a purchase.

rbank mobile process2 3

Starting to work on family spending statistics. We already know all expenses, deposits and savings of all family members. There are four or five family members. Now we need to find an interesting graphic solution that would be easy to use on a phone.

rbank mobile process2 4

Beginning the work on spending limits. The idea of family control requires delicate handling of limits. Creating arbitrary limits and their fine-tuning is a difficult and time-consuming task for a user. Creating pre-set limits that can be easily turned on and off or adjusted. No more movies during school hours!

rbank mobile process2 5

Now to the fun part: tasks that parents can give to children and other relatives. Homework is no longer slavery but a handsomely paid side job. Washing dishes: 100 rubles, walking the dog: 150 rubles, reading War and Peace: priceless.

rbank mobile process2 6

All that’s left is to design the ATM search screen, the functionality to create new templates and a couple of other things here and there.

Assembling all mock-ups of the second version into a prototype and testing.

rbank mobile process2 7