• Graphic design
  • R-bank
  • The making of the R-Card booklet and packaging

    Overview• Process


    Considering the materials and design.

    Too expensive to produce.

    Optimizing and testing the layout.

    The client chooses the white design.


    Making the first attempts.

    Trying to make it more serious.

    Too boring, trying a poster format.

    An idea of double headings is born: the application works in connection with the card.

    Trying to abandon the idea of a booklet entirely. The client already has an application, we don’t need to advertise it.

    Suggesting to replace the booklet with an insert with the most important information. It will also act as a holder for additional cards.

    The client insists on a booklet. Developing the idea with the plus signs.

    Asking the editor to transform the rest of the headings into the same style and write better text.

    The art director suggests a vertical format. Adding the Zet typeface that is used on the website.

    Retypesetting, editing a bit more and handing over to the client.