Renaissance Capital investment app

Task: to create a convenient instrument for trading on stock markets.
Renaissance Capital
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The mobile app of the investment company Renaissance Capital helps manage investments, track stock prices, find potentially profitable investment opportunities and get expert support in real time.

Profile page

The main screen allows to view holdings, monitor portfolio profitability, control transactions and much more.

Asset details

Account management

The application is a source of expert information. It helps choose the best ideas for investments based on the expertise of the company’s employees and research results.

Investment ideas

The feed is a useful section for an investor. Here people can quickly work with investment ideas in a unified format, compare them and evaluate the quality of forecasts. The section also contains research results and expert recommendations.

Market data


To make generating covers easier, we developed a special plugin that helps to support and populate content with a variety of covers.

Result: an easy to use tool for brokerage activities with a full range of functions and services, including access to expert sources.

project managers

Made in 122 days
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