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RN Bank web account page

Task: to create a convenient interface for managing car loans on desktops.

After we created the mobile app, RN Bank asked us to update the web version of the account page to make sure customers can conveniently manage their car loans not only on mobile devices, but also using desktop computers. As a result, a modern and convenient interface was born, full of pleasant microanimations that help understand how the account page works.

We maintained continuity of graphic styles with the mobile app as well as its functionality to make sure the transition between mobile and desktop versions is seamless. Large type showing account balance and next payment and the trophy case are still here.

rn bank site mainpage
Saying thank you to the client for a timely payment

Desktop’s large screen allowed us to simplify the structure of the page, cut down the number of movements between pages and wait time. To make better use of the screen real estate, we came up with a two-column structure. The scrollable left column contains all important content: loan balance, payment schedule and payout progress. The right column is used to show context information and details without reloading the page. In the end, a user scenario that used to require 3–4 screen changes on a mobile device now takes a single click.

rn bank site columns
All details are just a click away

When a user is topping up their account, the page provides the current loan balance and the next payment amount. The page remembers credit card information and allows to create automatic payments: everything to save the client’s time and help make a decision on the top-up amount.

rn bank site payment
Paying is quick and easy

Another way we save users’ time is by providing any information or a financial report online without requiring visits or calls to the bank. Account statement, bank information, reports on paid off loans, everything is available in a just couple of clicks.

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