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S8 Capital website 2.0

Task: to talk about benefits of a holding.
assembled and populated by the client

S8 Capital is an investment holding that comprises companies that create high-tech products and services.

The company’s strengths and key points are presented on a website that has a lot of big and small points.

The main element of the design is a dot. Dots are used, for example, to highlight important facts that the company wants to tell to potential partners.

This is how many transactions per second are processed on the holding’s platform.

And this is the e-commerce coverage map. 65 thousand points all across Russia!

s8 site2 map

And this is the growth of the company’s own media over a single quarter.

The Partners section is designed as a press wall.

s8 site2 press wall

A pleasant and laconic website.

project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Fedor Lapilo for his help with the project
Made in 4 days
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