• The making of the SBS Megamall art object

    Overview• Process

    We need to invent an art object for the bowling alley in SBS Megamall Krasnodar.

    The object should be simple to produce yet impressive and recognizable; it should advertise bowling without being obtrusive; should give visitors a place to rest, yet not hold them back.

    Starting to work on the sketches. Ball and pins:

    The ball is assembled from identical plywood rings.

    The filling can be easily changed for the holiday season.

    The text has a second meaning when viewed up close.

    We can’t hang the pins? OK, then let’s put the entire object on the floor.

    Trying to explore all possible options. Suggesting a simpler design made of plywood sheets.

    The lane leads around the corner to the actual bowling alley, and the visitors can sit on the pin.

    The cheapest but not the most impressive design.

    Entrance arrangement with seats.

    We want something more grandiose that would be seen from all levels. A twisted bowling lane that goes up vertically:

    The client likes the idea, but we suddenly learn that even the simplest of the designs are too expensive to produce. We urgently need to come up with something brilliant.

    The pedestal provides advertising space.

    Realizing that accessibility is more important than vandal resistance and removing the pedestal entirely which results in a new shape. Testing it for approachability from all major visitor traffic routes.

    Preparing documentation.

    Overseeing production.