The making of the SBS shopping and entertainment center navigation

Overview• Process

Arriving on location and taking note of all the problems. Preparing a document for the client analyzing the current situation and describing the needed improvements.

sbs navigation process problems1
sbs navigation process problems2

Receiving floor plans, tenant locations and visitor flow diagrams.

sbs navigation process scheme

We start by trying to create a rough sketch of the new map, get a feel for the space. This will help us set core principles for the navigation system. Making the map slightly convex.

sbs navigation process sketch

Looking at how the flows work with each other. The primary anchor points are the escalators, especially those near the exits.

sbs navigation process streams

While working on the rough diagram, we discuss two ways of orienting the visitors, using the escalators or by areas. The first idea wins.

sbs navigation process orientation

Simultaneously creating sketches on location. Trying to index key areas, mark the columns, hang the overhead consoles. Using a pattern to mark service areas.

sbs navigation process sketch2

Time to work on the sign layout. As we go, we invent various micro ideas, such as supplementary elements and secondary navigation. For example, one of the ideas is to have active lists focused an secondary ones blurred.

sbs navigation process stand

In another interesting development we create micronavigation elements and a vertical route between escalators. This will help “disable” inactive directions on various media.

Assembling a brief presentation to introduce our way of thinking to the client.

sbs navigation process presentation

The client, in turn, sends us the first results inspired by the analysis we sent at the very beginning. By the time the project comes to an end, the chaotic decorations will be removed which will allow the clean surfaces to be used for navigation elements.

sbs navigation process first_result

While we are waiting for the client to review the presentation, we start working on the icons. We experiment with different levels of detail and stroke widths until we realize that we need to consider the manufacturing technology: overly thin channels disappear during extrusion molding.

sbs navigation process icons2
sbs navigation process icons5

Time to test our ideas on location. Preparing blueprints, printed samples, a work plan and flying to Krasondar.

Adjusting the signs, maps and lists. The changes mainly concern typeface size and amount of information.

sbs navigation process wc
sbs navigation process stella3
sbs navigation process exit

Finalizing the graphics and the media, sending them to the editor and preparing templates for hand off.

sbs navigation process final
sbs navigation process scheme_final