Schastye on Lomonosovsky club house landscaping

Task: to develop an improvement concept for an apartment building.

Schastye on Lomonosovsky is a premium club house in Moscow.

The improvement project transforms the inner area of the building into a cozy and spacious living room where everything is homely, comfortable and quiet.


At the core of the identity is the Palladian style of the house. The main motif is a dense, ornate pattern that combines floral and geometric elements. The additional, more transparent, pattern is reminiscent of painted tiles that were once used to decorate interiors.

Concept development

In order to make the landscaping as comfortable as possible for the residents and ensure that it emphasizes the merits of the house, we analyzed transport links and pedestrian routes, took into account the height of the nearby buildings and the views of the house and its territory.

Stylistically, the concept is based on the visual solution of the façade: a combination of the Palladian style and classical forms. The patterns rhyme the landscaping with the façade and balcony railings. A special coziness is created by interior solutions brought into the courtyard space allowing the inner yard to become an extension of the first floors of the house.

schastye circles

We used the available space to its full potential. We were able to place recreational areas for residents of different ages, lay comfortable sidewalks, provide space for guest parking and add a variety of greenery.

Natural materials are everywhere, including stone, wood and metal. The surroundings fill the residents with tranquility and inspire warm communication with the loved ones.

schastye day

The seating area for parents faces the playground, so that children are always in view.

The paving pattern helps find your way around, becoming darker closer to the entrances and dissipating as you move away from them.

Along the Lomonosovsky Avenue fence there are dense strips of greenery that protect the area from the noise and give it a chamber-like feel.

schastye plants

A courtyard like this is pleasant to walk through in the morning on your way work and to return to in the evening to play with children, meet with friends or get together with the family.

schastye final

art director

chief architect

landscape architect

  • Olga Androsenko

lighting designer


Made in 168 days
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