Sestroretsky Kurort resort identity and brand platform

Sestroretsky Kurort is a place where guests forget about time and cares, walking among pine trees along the coast of the Gulf of Finland, relaxing in baths with therapeutic sapropelic mud and swimming in a mineral water pool. People arrive here from noisy cities to exhale and recharge. We have embraced the atmosphere of the resort and created a brand platform and an inspiring identity for it.

The concept takes into account the deep historical context, as well as the main feature of the resort: Sestroretsky Kurort is a place to replenish vital energy.

The image of a stained glass window rendered in a delicate design encapsulates the main symbols of the resort: coniferous forest, blue sea, healing mud and winding paths. A musical staff can be seen in it too: music unites all variations of lines that gracefully convey the harmony of the place.

sestroretsky kurort pattern

The brand is based on three main characteristics:

  • physical recovery: Sestroretsk’s unique resources and first-class specialists create a perfect opportunity for revitalizing the body
  • spiritual development: the renewed body is filled with a sense of lightness and freedom
  • tranquility: the element that binds the whole system together, allowing guests to put aside all their worries, at least for a while.

sestroretsky kurort door

The geometric pattern continues the dynamics of the logo. In addition to advertising and souvenir products, it is used in interiors in the form of forged metal elements.

sestroretsky kurort girl
sestroretsky kurort hall

An additional touch—fresh meadow flowers—supports the peaceful nature of the identity, reinforcing a sense of connection with nature and a contemplative mood.

sestroretsky kurort final
Made in 86 days
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