Russian Railways travel document system concept

In 2019, the studio updated the design of Russian Railways’ tickets for long-distance trains. Now we have created a concept for a system of travel documents that is gradually being implemented on almost 130,000 kilometers of railroads and works for all occasions, from a simple trip on a suburban train to a tour across the country involving different modes of transport.

Thanks to the well thought-out layout, all documents are easy to use in the train station rush and during the trip: no matter how you fold the printout, the most important information always remains in view.

Suburban trains

The suburban train ticket has never been so friendly, caring and easy to understand.

The ticket contains travel time and alerts of schedule disruptions

Fee receipts

Tickets for long-distance trains are accompanied by receipts for various additional services: meals, food delivery, pet transportation and extra luggage.

Retro trains

Tickets for tourists traveling on steam locomotives use the Absolem antiqua typeface which, combined with the minimalist two-color design, immerses the travelers deeper into the atmosphere of the journey.

The ticket contains interesting facts about the route and the locomotive

Tourist tickets

For cross-country tours we have designed a handout visualizing the entire journey.

Different modes of transport are marked with icons
Short tours contain information on sights and excursions

Receipt tickets

Tickets printed as receipts that are issued when you purchase them at a station are rendered in a simplified form.

rzd travel documents final

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Made in 55 days
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