Design elements for SimpleWine wine shops

Task: to make wine shops better.

SimpleWine’s wine shops are wonderful in every way: beautiful interiors, a rich selection of wines for any budget. But they have an aura of luxury and opulence that can prevent customers from making the first step. Bright communication elements created in the studio draw customers and help form a warm attitude towards wine shops.

simplewine bubbles

simplewine bottles

Now wines have something to say about themselves. Speech bubbles save customers from having to make a difficult choice. The price tags have also been updated.

simplewine bubbles2

The new elements make discovering new wine easier and more exciting with interactive placeholders, caps with details and inserts with hints and information about promotions.

simplewine bubbles3

The concept that improves understanding between customers and wine shops has also found a place on the website and in the app which now show the likelihood of the customer liking the wine.

simplewine web

Plans for the night: a movie that’s a 95% match and a 98% matching wine to go with it. Isn’t that the future?

simplewine final
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