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Task: to explain how an investment platform functions.

Skolkovo Ventures is an investment platform that attracts financing, develops and markets services, tools and technologies for fast-growing technology firms. The company manages several venture capital funds with the total volume of assets under management exceeding 5 billion rubles. The Skolkovo Ventures website focuses on the main things: who the people who help attract multi-million investments are and how they do it.

The main page contains three circles. The core and the most valuable part of Skolkovo Ventures is its team, which is the reason the company exists. The team matures inside the investment platform, and the platform is surrounded by the Skolkovo ecosystem under whose umbrella it grows.

The multi-layer effect remains as the page is scrolled. The circles are carefully layered at the top of the page creating a sense of unity and interconnection of all processes in Skolkovo Ventures.

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The information is so accessible that users won’t miss a single important fact about the company.

The list of projects is rendered as a bubble chart where the size of each startup depends on the amount of investments it received.

The company takes pride in its team as these people attract millions of dollars in the development of promising startups and believe in those projects with all their hearts. The life of the team is presented on the website through a variety of photos and videos that are created according to specially designed guidelines.

The website works equally well on desktops and mobile devices and is extremely polite to its visitors.

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