Sozvezdie radios packaging

Task: to create cool packaging.

Sozvezdie manufactures portable, in-car and stationery radios for extreme conditions. The serious gadgets are packed in solid and noble boxes.

Boxes for portable and in-car radios are relatively small. They are made from very dense book binding cardboard covered with designer paper, smooth and black on the inside and bright red and textured on the outside.

sozvezdie package front

The packaging stands out with its details: the cover locks in place thanks to the hidden magnets and can be easily opened by pulling the textured ribbon. The outer case is matte and decorated with glossy lacquer.

Inside is a bright red cradle, a special structure with pockets in the shape of the equipment stored in the box. The cradle is assembled from individual cardboard pieces that lock together and do not require gluing. This solution makes packaging production considerably cheaper and easier.

sozvezdie package side

The cradle is made using special layouts under careful author supervision.

Large rack-mounted radios are packaged in large transportation boxes.

sozvezdie package box

On the outside they have the color of unpainted cardboard and inside they are just as beautiful and red as boxes for smaller radios.

sozvezdie package final

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Made in 72 days
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